My Quick Intro of the New Az PowerShell Module

A new Azure PowerShell module has just come out this December 2018. I’m a big PowerShell scripter working ARM deployments and managing azure resources, so this definitely necessary and not a one off.

Although you can read all the details at
Introducing the new Azure PowerShell Az module

Here is just my quick summary and personal comments.

What I care about it?

  • The AzureRm Module is deprecated. So no new features and advancements are only put into the Az Module. This makes it a no brainer.
  • Your scripts with this Az Module can run cross platform, including Linux and MacOS.
  • The commands are shorter. The prefix is from AzureRm to Az, which I like.
  • You can run your old scripts by running
    Enable-AzureRmAlias at the top of your scripts. Alternatively, I so far just find and replace ‘AzureRm’ to ‘Az’.

Here’s my rundown of getting up to speed with Az module

Uninstall Azure Rm

  • I uninstalled manually through Windows ‘Programs and Features’, but if you installed with PowerShellGet you can run ‘Uninstall-AzureRm’ in the command line.

Install PowerShell Core

Install Az Module

Verify by Logging into Azure

  • In PowerShell Core command line, run Connect-AzAcconut

For PowerShell Core 6.x script editing, the preferred tool is Visual Studio Code. Windows ISE doesn’t support PowerShell Core. To get setup with Visual Studio Code with PowersShell Core read this article

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