Azure AD Application Proxy with a Claims Aware Web App – Part 3

Objective: Configure an Azure AD Enterprise Application and its Application Proxy

Create Azure AD Enterprise Application

Go to Enterprise Applications>All Applications> Click AddAzure AD Azure App Part 3-1

Select On-premise applicationAzure AD Azure App Part 3-2

Set the Name of the Azure AD App and this name will be displayed in the MS Access Panel.
Set the Internal Url to the appropriate SharePoint Web Application Url which is configured for Windows Authentication / Kerberos.Azure AD Azure App Part 3-3
Alternative configuration: To have a custom domain instead of, you add and verify a custom domain in your AD Directory. Then add your own SSL certificate supporting your custom domain.

Azure AD Azure App Part 3-4
After adding new application, the following settings and options are displayedAzure AD Azure App Part 3-5Configure SharePoint Central Administration Alternate Access Mappings

Go to SharePoint Central Administration>Alternate Access Mappings
Add a new Public URL to a different zone against the Application Proxy’s external URL. Note: There is no actual Web Application extended to Extranet zone. This mapping is to support the displayed links through the external URL in the SharePoint pages.
Azure AD Azure App Part 3-6

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