My Presentation at Toronto SharePoint Camp 2011

For my 2nd year in a row, I just had delivered a presentation at the Toronto SharePoint Camp 2011 this past weekend. It was another smashing community event. Thanks to the organizers and all who came.

My presentation this year was on as a SharePoint 2010 Internet Site. I have been on this project for a year and half from build, test, Go-live, knowledge transfer and maintenance phases.

SP Camp 2011 - Speaking
Presenting as a SharePoint Internet Site at Toronto SharePoint Camp 2011

In my presentation I had explored the high level architecture of the many components such as the home page, site structure, calendar, mobile, google search appliance integration, interactive map, user forms, url redirection rules. Explained the extent of integration with other technology, achieving performance, customizations and extensibility.

Planning on speaking at more events in the future in local technology groups around Toronto and in Calgary.

I have delivered this presentation to the Calgary SharePoint User Group this past October and will be presenting to the Calgary DotNet User group on Dec 14.

Roy Kim

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