Azure PaaS Highly Scalable Web Apps Consulting Package

A highly scalable web app and SQL database solution. Given a web application and database, your organization requires a highly scalable and resilient application infrastructure. The key benefits are leveraging the Azure platform’s scalability, performance, multi-region and agility.

  • App Service Plan
  • Web apps configuration
  • Auto-scale
  • Security Hardening and Best Practices
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure App Gateway, Azure Front Door, Azure CDN, Web Application Firewall
  • Monitoring & Alerting
  • Load Stress Testing
  • Cost Management

General Approach

  1. Requirements Gathering and Goals
  2. Design Workshop
  3. Build POC/Dev/Test/Prod environments
  4. Load and Stress testing
  5. Remediation, enhancements
  6. Deploy and Validate

Use Cases

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Order and service request processing
  • Custom enterprise applications

Architecture Pattern

credit: Microsoft Docs
Scalable multi-region web app architecture

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