Azure Kubernetes Consulting Workshop

Azure Kubernetes is gaining adoption in the enterprise for hosting modern applications.

If your IT team and organization are contemplating whether Kubernetes on Azure is the right fit in terms of strategic alignment, realized benefits and costs for hosting modern applications, then this Proof of Concept consulting package will help you determine that and plan your IT roadmap.

TimelineAreas and Activities
Week 1Azure, Kubernetes, devops overview training for Architects, management and developersExplain potential benefits and costsAssess current environment applications portfolioWorkshop for target architecture and visionHigh level Solution DesignOutline DevOps processes and toolsOutline roles and responsibilitiesCultivate a POC plan and goalsEnd of week retrospective
Week 2Work with the application development team to containerize one application with Docker.Analyze application configuration settingsDevelop YAML and Helm packagesKnowledge sessionsEnd of week retrospective
Week 3Continual development of Develop YAML and Helm packagesBuild Azure Kubernetes clusterDemonstrate AKS cluster build and configuration to development and IT Ops teamKnowledge sessionsEnd of week retrospective
Week 4Deploy application into AKS, test/remediate, refine.Demonstrations to IT teamsKnowledge sessionsEnd of week retrospectiveReport on POC learning points, pros/cons, feedback, issues, risks, and next steps.

This is a rough outline and can be customized in terms of duration and set of activities


  • To determine the pros/cons and benefits/costs that Kubernetes and Azure for application modernization so that all stakeholders are equipped to make a robust strategy, plan and production grade application projects.
  • Roy Kim will document a high-level design, implement the Azure app infrastructure, deployment scripts, Azure DevOps pipelines and demonstrate working proof of concept.
  • Roy Kim will knowledge transfer and train necessary stakeholders.


  • Contact for final quote


  • Proof of Concept is not expected to be production quality and ready.
  • Simple application architecture with web front end, web api services layer and a database.
  • Virtual engagement
  • Windows 10 for developers and Azure DevOps Pipelines; but can be flexible.

About Roy Kim

Roy Kim is a Microsoft Azure architect and developer helping organizations on-board and develop solutions on the Azure cloud platform. He is a Microsoft Azure MVP since 2017. He is Azure certified with 3 certifications (Solutions Architect, Administrator and Developer).

Computer Science Hons Bachelor at the University of Toronto.
Location: Toronto Canada


Roy Kim, Microsoft Azure MVP

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